So, What’s happened to Vertex?

Motorola took full control of the Land Mobile Radio division of Vertex Standard in 2012, after having previously owned 80% of the full company since 2008.

See here for more details.

The Vertex Standard brand has disappeared this year and is re-appearing as Motorola branded equipment.
A limited range of mainly entry models will retain the Motorola branding, with a number of models being discontinued.

Motorola have already started marketing the newly re-branded EVX S24 on youtube…

Expect to see more of this in the future as Motorola carry on the re-branding process.

This move also means that Motorola will once again be supplying some analogue only products. They discontinued their own analogue only radios some time ago.

So, what does this mean for end users of Vertex products?

Well, for Radphone customers, it will make very little difference. New radios will just start appearing with Motorola logos.

Some more specialised, or higher tier models may have to be replaced with radios sourced from elsewhere.
At the very worst, bespoke systems may need re-engineering, but this would be very unlikely.
The biggest “problem” we can foresee would be if discontinued models need replacing, incompatibilities with batteries, chargers and accessories could be an inconvenience.


Should I continue purchasing “Ex-Vertex” products.

For the short term, there shouldn’t be a problem, but to really future proof your investment, it might be an idea to think of migrating to other products.

Obviously, if a totally new radio scheme is being considered, just opt for other well established brands.


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