Vehicle tracking answers four important questions and many others…

vehicle tracking mapUse Vehicle tracking to answer these four questions, gain control of your business and improve your bottom line.

  1. Which vehicle?
  2. Who was driving?
  3. Where to?
  4. When did it happen?

Fit a small vehicle tracking device to your vehicles and you’ll have answers to these questions and many more!

Have 24-7 visibility of your assets and peace of mind…. The system can alert you by text or e-mail if a vehicle leaves a specified location during a specified time window, alerting you to possible theft!

Eliminate overtime discrepancies and disputes by cross checking vehicle usage reports with employee time sheets.
Some users have reported immediate savings on fuel and overtime claims, simply because employees are aware that a tracking unit is installed.

A tracking system can also help to simplify your compliance with the working time directive and your employer duty of care responsibilities, by giving you information about where your staff have been.

Benefit from improvements in response times by sending the best located vehicle to a job. Also give arrival times to your clients and improve customer service.

Sophisticated reporting tools let you generate reports unique to your own business.
These reports can be generated immediately online, or scheduled for email delivery at your convenience.

Vehicle Tracking Features…

  • View vehicles on any web capable device. Always be “in the know”.
  • “Timesheet” reporting. Reduce overtime claims.
  • Track vehicles internationally. Yes, anywhere in the world!
  • Live mapping display. “Where are they now?”
  • Driver behaviour reporting.
  • Vehicle service scheduling.

Vehicle Tracking Benefits…

  • Free tracking report buttonReduce fuel bills.
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle usage.
  • Improve punctuality and productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with better response times.
  • Encourage safer driving.
  • Improve vehicle security. Can mean reductions on insurance premiums.
  • Improve vehicle maintenance. By using servicing schedule function.

In summary, vehicle tracking can deliver real business benefits by reducing fuel consumption, verifying time sheets and overtime claims and increasing productivity and service levels.

Tracking can do all this and more.

For instance, did you know?…
Speeding, hard acceleration and harsh braking can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 33%.

HMRC report that 39% of companies have been found to have inaccurate records. Up to 25% of business mileage is estimated or guessed.

Vehicle tracking data can help with both of these problems.

Radphone have over 30 years experience in the communication market and have been supplying tracking solutions to a wide range of clients for over for 14 years.

Our range of services include vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal tracking, driver identification and driver behaviour reports.

Whatever your vehicle tracking fleet management needs are, from simple reports through to full system integration, allowing monitoring temperature, door usage, pto activity, etc, Radphone can help.

We offer complete gps tracking systems which allow you to track, monitor and protect your vehicles, assets and personnel.

Vehicle Tracking Basics

Take a look here at a short video demonstrating some basic functions of a web based vehicle tracking system.

Contact us now for clear and straightforward advice about vehicle tracking.

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