We closed the workshops Tuesday 24th March 2020 and all went home.

It all seems such a long time ago now…

We all had reasons to avoid COVID-19, either being vulnerable ourselves or having vulnerable loved ones at home.

That last full day however, was spent in places we rather wouldn’t… two local NHS Hospitals.

They needed two radio systems installing, one as a COVID-19 “resilience” backup radio system and a new radio system for Hospital Car Parks and Security.

The Security system was the culmination of a few weeks planning, so was fully expected.

The “resilience” system was conceived and installed in a very short time (3 – 4 days). The big problem with this one would have been obtaining licences. OFCOM were taking 2 weeks or more to issue frequencies. Fortunately, the Estates Department had an old analogue system, so they got upgraded to digital and because digital provides two channels the “resilience” system was born.

Hytera pulled out the stops to get equipment delivered and with a bit of an early start, both systems went in.

Technology allows us to take work phone calls at home, so a couple of us have been in as and when needed, prepping and supplying kit.
A fixed mobile for a skip company, sending their despatcher to work from home.
A new system for a stevedore company on the local docks. (Had to keep essential goods flowing into the country).

The previously mentioned Security company also needed extra equipment.

Hytera MD615 Fixed Mobiles

And so on for other customers who needed essential repairs or extra equipment.

So, we came in, prepped, delivered, installed then home again.

We’re now in the middle of the lockdown release roadmap.

So, stay home and stay safe if you possibly can.

Best wishes and and please stay safe from all here at Radphone.

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