Trunked Two Way Radio

A single repeater can only serve a limited amount of radio users.
At some point the system will become so congested that users have to “queue up”.
A second repeater can be added. The users are then split between the two repeaters.
The 2 repeaters serve twice the number of users…… and so on.
This is a very inefficient way to use channels.
At any point in time there are unused channels, because of inactivity.
A Trunking system links multiple repeaters together and automatically allocates calls to unused repeaters.
This resource sharing dramatically increases the amount of users the system can serve.
For example, if three repeaters could serve approximately 200 users, a three repeater “trunked” system might serve as many as 600 users or more.
While standard PMR radios can be programmed to use a repeater, only dedicated trunking radios can be programmed to use a trunked system.
The trunking protocol used in the UK is the MPT1327 standard.

Many trunked radio systems can be equipped with tele-connect. This allows radio to telephone calls to be set up.

A typical use of tele-connect could be transferring a telephone call to a radio when a user is out of their office.

Also, calls to an unmanned radio can be diverted to a telephone.

Tele-connect conversations must still follow radio protocol, only one party speaking at a time.

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