Push To Talk turns your mobile phone into a two way radio with almost unlimited range.

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After several “false starts” by existing network providers, there is now a viable mobile phone PTT facility in the UK.

A Push To Talk facility is now available “across networks”. This innovation is unlike any other Push To Talk system, anywhere else… worldwide.

All major networks are covered, so a T-mobile user in Manchester can simultaneously talk to Vodafone users in London and Orange users in Cardiff. All connections are seamless and the end users are totally unaware of the cross network technology.

Push To Talk over cellular (PoC) is not a new concept.

There were several problems with previous PTT attempts by airtime providers in the UK…

  1. Latency (delays in the audio through the system).

  2. Lack of publicity (possibly due to the carriers gaining less revenue from the calls?)
  3. Lack of public awareness of the benefits of PTT. (People tend to think of phone calls as they have always been used… 1 to 1).
  4. Users within the group were tied to using the same network.

There is a new initiative in the UK market. By investing heavily in a number of dedicated servers, one for each cellular provider, and linking them together, two major obstacles have been overcome. Users can subscribe to the service irrespective of their airtime supplier, and the audio delays are now a thing of the past.

Conventional two way radio, or private mobile radio ( PMR ), is limited in range by various factors. PTT is limited only by the availability of GPRS phone coverage. The real advantages of PTT are realised when a “group” conversation is needed. Ask any existing two way radio users how useful “open” communications are.

During a Push To Talk call the speech is digitized and sent over the network as GPRS data to the recipient, or more usefully, multiple recipients, so “group” conversations can be held anywhere there is phone coverage.

The system also works internationally as long as the UK registered mobile Sim has international roaming enabled, albeit at an increased cost, for international data transport. Be aware that this system is NOT a cheap alternative to standard tariff voice calls.  It is aimed primarily at business users.

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