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Bluetooth Car Kit Revolution.

There is no doubt that Bluetooth Car kits have revolutionised the use of mobile phones on the road.

In 2003, using a mobile phone at the wheel was made illegal. In  2013 you became liable for 3 penalty points and a £100 fine.

Now, since March 2017, if you’re caught on your mobile while driving it’s 6 penalty points and a £200 fine.

But, we no longer need to switch off our mobiles when driving.

Just hop into your car and start the engine. The Bluetooth car kit automatically connects (pairs) with your phone, then just drive away. The phone can be anywhere in the vehicle.

You can even leave your mobile in your pocket or bag, while the Bluetooth Car Kit keeps you safely and legally connected while on the move.

Stay Connected with a Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit.

Install a high-quality hands-free, user-friendly car kit, so you’ll never miss a call.
Once installed, a Bluetooth kit replaces the controls on your mobile with an LCD display, an external fitted microphone and your car speakers allowing you to make and receive crystal clear phone calls, without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Pairing with multiple phones is standard, so if you share a car with other family members, the kit recognises the stored phone details, and connects automatically.

Certain models can even pair with two phones at the same time.

Want to see a picture of the calling party when receiving calls?
Just call and ask us for details.

Some top of the range fully integrated hands free car kits will even stream media from your Iphone, Ipod or android device.

Hands free kits can be installed into a wide range of vehicles.

Certain vehicles, usually those with specialist stereo units, will need an SOT adapter loom.
Contact us for details.

We have been dealing with cellular mobile phones for about 30 years, having owned the first Vodafone retail outlet in Hull in the mid 1980’s.

So you can see we’re a reliable supplier who’ll still be around next year.

If you want the best deal on a top quality car kit in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire, just get in touch.