Higher Prices.

It seems the global chip shortage is affecting the communications industry and manufacturers have been forced to re-design some of their products.

Invariably, this has affected prices, some more than others.

Motorola and Hytera are now introducing what they are calling “next generation” radios with substantial price increases, whilst Entel are managing to keep their price increases to a minimum.


Due to global supply issues Motorola have recently been struggling to supply radios from their current portfolio. However, they have now launched their new MOTOTRBO R7, a digital portable two-way radio with advanced audio features and a slim, rugged design.

The MOTOTRBO R7 has industrial-level noise cancellation, automatic feedback suppression and automatic volume control. It comes with a significant price inrease over previous models.
Critical detailed information is displayed on the home screen, giving instant access to alerts and text messages. It can be programmed and updated over the air via Wi-Fi to reduce downtime and has a battery life of up to 28 hours.


Hytera have now also launched their new “H series” radios, also with an increase in price.
There are new portables, a mobile and repeater available.

HP6 and HP7 Series

The new portable HP6 and HP7 series use “water-porting” technology to drain water from the speaker cavity, improving clarity in wet conditions.
Their new smaller, lighter, lithium polymer battery offers a life of 26 hours on a standard duty cycle of 5/5/90 on high transmit power.


Hytera’s next generation mobile, the HM785, supports a standard single control head and remote control head (single or dual) to suit different requirements.
The HM785 boasts a number of interfaces via Bluetooth, accessory and ethernet ports.
The new “IP transit” feature allows communication between remotely located radios via the internet.
The HM785 can also be interfaced with Hytera’s new HR1065 repeater to create a wireless radio link between isolated repeaters when no internet is available. This allows for wide area repeater coverage.


Hytera’s new HR1065 repeater now has an increased usable range with it’s enhanced Rx sensitivity.
The Ethernet port gives access to IP networks, allowing the HR1065 to connect to other radio systems anywhere across the internet.

Entel DX400 hi tier


Entel seem to have kept their existing models going, albeit with an inevitable price increase.

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