Motorola Analogue Two Way Radios

Motorola Analogue Two Way Radios

Motorola CP0-40

Let Radphone build a tailored Motorola two way radio system to meet your needs with the Motorola Commercial Series of two way radios and a wide range of accessories.

CP040 Details

Motorola GP340

Radphone can supply a bespoke Motorola two way radio system using the “Professional Series” with option board capability and a wide range of accessories .

GP340 Details

Motorola CM160

The CM160 Motorola two way radio has an 8 character backlit display with ten icons, up to 64 channels and 4 programmable buttons. Additional features like encryption can also be added.

CM160 Details

Motorola CM340

CM340 Motorola two way radios feature ‘emergency mode’. A single button press can alert colleagues when assistance is needed.

CM340 Details

Motorola GM340

The GM340 offers simple, effective two way radio communications for those that require an affordable system for their mobile workforce.

GM340 Details

Motorola GM360

The easy-to-use GM360 offers a wide range of features that can be customised to meet the needs of a growing Motorola two way radio system.

GM360 Details

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