“Do you have any long range Two Way Radios?”

This is a question we often hear at Radphone.

It’s a rather subjective question.
Just how “long” is “long range”?
Users with experience of Two Way Radios, would consider across town coverage with hand portable radios to be long range.

However, those with little knowledge of Two Way Radios often have far greater expectations.
They have maybe seen a film or TV programme showing radios being used across impossible distances.
Impossible, that is, without a sophisticated infrastructure.

IP linking multiple two way radio systems.Long range two way radio - IP connected

The internet has brought with it amazing possibilities for two way radio.
It is now possible to increase the range of a two way radio system to work around the planet, with IP interconnect.

IP (internet protocol) is the communication protocol used for all internet traffic.

Local Two Way Radio traffic is monitored and recovered from a radio receiver, digitised and sent over the internet to another location, where it is converted back into the original format and sent out as a transmission on a normal Two Way Radio.

This sounds like the ideal solution to long range Two Way Radio communication.
However, at both ends of the internet link, the Two Way Radio systems still only have the normal coverage of a Two Way Radio system.
This means internet linking is only useful to connect together two (or more) existing radio coverage areas.

Actual radio coverage at each site is still a limiting factor.

IP linking can be used to connect adjacent radio systems.
This effectively combines the two separate sites into one larger coverage area.

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By: Nick Allison. Nick's been in the two way radio industry for more years than he wants to admit. He has seen numerous initiatives come and go, but thinks there will always be a need for basic voice only two way radio comms.