Hytera PD6 series radios come in three variants.

Hytera PD685 Digital Radio

Hytera PD665 Digial Radio

Hytera PD605 Digital Radio

Compact Digital Radios

The Hytera PD6 series of portable digital two-way radios are surprisingly compact. With a maximum profile of only 31mm (with high capacity battery) and using digital technology, they deliver amazing voice clarity, are easy to use and also operate in analogue mode.


No frills, non-display model for basic everyday communications.


mid – tier model, with basic keypad for menu navigation and preset functions.


High – tier model of the PD6 series with full keypad for full function complex systems.

Safety Options

With all the normal benefits of digital technology, the PD6 “G”series also offer optional Man Down and GPS.

Flexible And Submersible

PD6 series radios are available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands and use advanced encryption for secure communications.
Built in Pseudo-Trunk increases frequency efficiency, which can be very useful in emergency situations and with an IP67 rating, even after being totally submerged in water, they just keep on working.

Compatible with MotoTrbo products.
Already using Motorola Digital? Hytera will integrate just fine!

Small, Sleek, Light
119 X 54 X 27mm, 290g.

Dual Mode
Analogue & digital operation ensures a smooth analogue to digital migration.

Secure Communication
Provides basic/advanced digital encryption.

IP67 Rating
withstands up to 1m submersion for 30 minutes or more.

Rugged & Reliable
Compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards.

Pseudo Trunk
This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications.

GPS Positioning (Factory Option)
The built-in GPS module supports GIS applications.

Man Down (Factory Option)
If a user falls down, the radio can automatically alert other users.

Radio enable/disable
(PD605 decode only)

Remote monitor
(PD605 decode only)

Radio Priority-Based Interruption
Enables an administrator to interrupt calls for emergency or urgent communication.

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