The Hytera PD500 series of radios are available in two formats.

Hytera PD5 series digital two way radio

Available in both VHF and UHF flavours, the Hytera PD50  model boasts a transmit power of up to 5 watts, while the PD56 adds the functionality of an LCD and keypad navigation.

The PD5 series are very versatile, with 32 channels available on the PD50 and up to 512 channels on the PD56.

Weighing in at only 280 grams with a standard battery and a side profile of only 30mm, they are designed for those users who require more functionality than the budget models provide.

The PD5 series are rugged and will stand up to the bangs and knocks of everyday use.

Gradual Digital Upgrade.

Hytera PD56X Digital Two Way Radio

Because the Hytera PD5 series are capable of operation in both analogue and digital mode, they are also an ideal way of gradually upgrading an older analogue two way radio system to a crisp clear digital two way system.

There is no large outlay. Just buy what you can, carry on operating in analogue mode (or mixed analogue – digital). Replace more radios when you can. When the day comes, everyone just switches to digital mode!

Compatible with MotoTrbo products.
Already using Motorola Digital? Hytera will integrate fine!

Scans both analogue and digital modes.
Got a mixed analogue – digital system? No problem!.

Dustproof and waterproof (IP54 standard).
Will tolerate poor environments.

One Touch Call/Text
Supports  preset text Messages (PD56).

Up to 512 channels.
Don’t know anyone with this many channels, but they’re available! (32 0nly on PD50 series)

Operates for up to 16 hours on a single charge (digital mode).
Long shifts? No problem!.

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