The Hytera PD405 radio is a real workhorse.hytera PD405 digital radio

Available in both VHF and UHF, the PD405 boasts a transmit power of up to 5 watts (VHF) or 4 watts (UHF) and a battery life of 16 hours standard (digital mode).

The PD405 is versatile, capable of digital, analogue or mixed mode. Because of TDMA operation, you get 2 channels for the price of one. The digital transmissions allow two separate conversations to be carried out on a single channel.

With standard battery configuration the PD405 weighs only 270 grams and measuring only112mm x 55mm x 31mm, portable and rugged.

Gradual Digital Upgrade.

Because they can operate in both analogue and digital mode, the PD405 can be used to gradually upgrade an older analogue two way radio system.

No need to replace a full scheme of  radios in one go. Just buy whatever your budget allows, then carry on using analogue (or mixed analogue – digital). When all radios have been replaced, just start using digital mode… Easy!

Compatible with MotoTrbo products.
Already using Motorola Digital? No problem!

Scans both analogue and digital modes.
Got a mixed analogue – digital system? No problem!.

Dustproof and waterproof.
PD40 series: IP54.
PD41 series: IP55.

Voice Channel Annunciation.
For when in darkness or you have a restricted view of the radio,.

Up to 256 channels.
Can’t imagine anyone with this many channels, but they’re available!

Long Battery Life.
Long shifts? Lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge (digital mode).

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