Hytera PD3 Series Digital Radio

The Hytera PD3 series of radios are very small and compact, but don’t be fooled by their size.

Available in UHF, the PD3 boasts a transmit power of up to 3 watts.

The PD3 series are extremely versatile, with many of the features and abilities of their big brother counterparts.

Weighing in at only 160 grams with battery and a side profile of only 23mm, they can be easily slipped into a pocket and are perfect for situations where a discreet two way radio is needed.

Phased Digital Upgrade.

Capable of operation in both analogue and digital mode, the PD3 is an ideal way of gradually upgrading an older existing analogue two way radio system.

No need to purchase a complete set of 20 or 30 radios in one go. Just buy what you can afford right now, carry on operating in analogue mode (or mixed analogue – digital) and add more as and when you can. When the day comes, everyone just starts using digital mode… Easy!

Compatible with MotoTrbo products.
Already using Motorola Digital? No problem!

Scans both analogue and digital modes.
Got a mixed analogue – digital system? No problem!.

Standard micro usb charger port.
Charge wherever you have a usb output.

Dustproof and waterproof (IP54 standard).
Will tolerate poor environments.

Sends and receives up to 64 character text messages.
Will display any message, but can only send preset messages.

Up to 256 channels.
Can’t imagine anyone with this many channels, but they’re available!

Operates for up to 12 hours on a single charge (digital mode).
Long shifts? No problem!.

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