(Or… How two way radios pay for themselves)

Two way radios… they’re often viewed simply as a loss making expenditure with no tangible profits.
Nothing could be further from the truth…

Why are you in business..? Profit!

To maintain or increase profits, a priority is to reduce wasted time or downtime.

Businesses (large and small), experience unexpected disruption in their workflow.

The consequent loss of production can be costly.

Some companies, lose up to 40 percent of their profits.profits down 40%

Due to unplanned downtime or outages each year, larger businesses are losing up to 40% of their annual profits.

Downtime which interrupts workflow in one area can have serious knock-on effects in other departments. This can severely affect productivity, and/or output.
Look here.

If you own a small business, you may think these big company problems can’t possibly affect you… Wrong!

“Downtime” can be a money pit in any business.

For smaller business owners, it’s normally straightforward when calculating profits.

Buy widgets at £X and sell them at £XX.
Buy an item for £XX and rent it out at £XX per day.
Things like rent and utilities obviously have to be factored in as expenditure.
A large expense is inevitably, the wage bill and this is where money can be lost very quickly.

In smaller companies “downtime” manifests itself in different ways.

A common scenario is when you can’t locate one of your key workers. (Think Foreman).

  • There’s a problem, workers stop what they’re doing and await instructions from the Foreman.
  • After 10 or 15 minutes waiting, someone eventually tells management there’s a problem.
  • More workers are sent to look for the foreman. (Starting to look like a snowball rolling downhill, isn’t it?).
  • 20 minutes later the Foreman’s found, helping with a minor problem in an office.
  • By now, there have been several people stood around… doing nothing… for some considerable time.
  • Depending on the numbers of staff involved, this lost time could well add up to several hours.
  • Your small business, (whatever it does) has just experienced “downtime”.

Now, think of the lost working time.
Think of the wage bill, catching up the lost time!

When it happens for the umpteenth time and you’ve wasted BIG £’s in wages. Think what a bargain two way radios would have been…

Two way radios can help.Two way radio improves profits.

Two way radio can be used in the exactly the same way, to help large and small companies to reduce their downtime losses.
Two way radio can instantly locate and alert the right person/people as needed.


But, we’ve heard it many times in the past…
“How much?”
“That’s expensive for a two way radio”
“I can buy cheap radios at Argos / Maplin / Ebay / Amazon, etc”

Here at Radphone, we’re afraid we won’t sell you “cheap” radios… They won’t work and they don’t last.
We’ll supply you with a professional radio system, which will cover your site and give reliable service.

Two way radios are a one-off cost, with minimal ongoing expense.

Can you recall the “downtime” your business has experienced over the past year?

If not, start keeping track now and work out your losses.

Then get in touch to see how two way radios could help your profits.

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