Entel RP500 Base Station

The RP500 Series base station is a high quality, affordable talk through base station.Discontinued Product

The RP500 offers the perfect solution to those users wishing to improve or extend the range of their local on site communication system.



RP500 Features:

Compact & Durable – robust case with 7mm thick die-cast covers.

Constant Full Transmit – the RP500 Series can perform at full power for 100% of its duty cycle.

Local Control – using the integrated loudspeaker and a choice of optional plug in microphones.

Versatile – operates from external 12V, 110-240V or optional internal battery. Can be wall, desk or vehicle
mounted and even used as a transportable unit. Will interface with after-market tone/telephone interconnect panels.

Mains Fail Backup – in the event of a mains failure the base will alert the user and automatically switch to the optional back-up battery (if fitted).

Dual or Single Antenna Operation – single antenna operation is available using an optional internal duplexer or RF coaxial switching relay.

Dual Receiver – where licensing in a particular country dictates, the RP Series base station can use an in-built second receiver to check for any incoming signals on the base TX frequency. If a signal is detected, the base station will not transmit.

Configuration – a PC can be used to easily programme and align the base station.

Voice Scrambler – an optional scrambler is available for when the base station is controlled locally and scrambling is used on the radio system.