Entel RP500 Base Station

A base station will improve your radio coverage.

A very common question we hear is “How far will my 2 way radios work?”
Unfortunately, this is a little like the old “How long is a piece of string?” question.
A large number of factors affect the range of two way radios. Transmit power, antenna efficiency, height above ground and terrain are just some factors to take into account.
If a base station is used, range is improved by the external antenna on the roof of the building. The higher the antenna, the better the range.
However, the link between antenna height and range is not as we might expect. Doubling antenna height doesn’t double transmit range. We have to quadruple antenna height to gain less than twice the range!

Motorola Digital Base Station DR3000

Two Way Radio Repeaters.

In two way radio systems, poor coverage is a fairly common problem. This can be due to either large obstructions or simply distance between radios.

A repeater is a type of base station which can be used to improve the coverage of a radio system.
It works by receiving a radio signal on one frequency and simultaneously re-transmitting the signal on another frequency.

Repeaters are useful in extending radio range. If two users are too far apart to receive each other, a repeater located between them would effectively, hop or bounce the signal.

Repeaters also work well at overcoming “line of sight” limitations.

If two users are on either side of a hill, the radio signal cannot penetrate.
Install a repeater at the top of the hill and the radios can now see the repeater’s antenna… and communicate. The height of the repeater also gives the added bonus of increased range.