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Throughout those years we’ve seen many alternate uses for the hand portable 2 way radio. Some are very good….. some are less so. So here’s a few tongue in cheek suggestions for you 🙂

Radio Balancing Toy:Radio Balancing

Balancing your two way radio can be great fun… until you drop it. Then it’s just a lottery. Is there any damage? Modern hand portables are robust, but you may be unlucky. If it is damaged, find somewhere to hide it and don’t tell the boss!
Top Tip: If you really must play these games, make sure there’s a spare radio available, so you can secretly swap it and give someone else the problem to sort out.

Radio Dog Chew Toy:Radio Mad Dog

I spoke to a Police dog handler, who told me they used to “play” with the dogs by poking them in the nose with their portable radios.
You can imagine how the antennas looked after a few months of this treatment!
Top Tip: For goodness sake don’t try this yourself… You really don’t want an upset Police Dog!

Radio Human Chew Toy:

Just like the Dog chew toy above, we’ve seen radios come in with the antenna covered in teethmarks, which are definitely not made by dogs!
Top Tip: If you really must chew your two way radio antenna, please have the courtesy to label it with a warning to other potential “chewers”.

Radio Nose Picker:

Do we really have to go into detail with this one? Well… we aren’t!
Top Tip: As above, please have the good manners to label the antenna with a health warning for your “nose picking” colleagues.

Radio Hammer:Radio Hammer

Portable radios are a very useful tool for those forgetful joiners who find themselves on the top floor of a building without their trusty hammer.
Top Tip: The radio may be a little cumbersome to hold whilst braying in six inch nails. You can easily remove and use the battery on its own.

Radio Self Defence:Radio Self Defence

As a doorman at your local hostelry, your two way radio can double up as a self-defence accessory. (If your assailant is running away, a very accurate throw will be needed).
Top tip: Don’t do this if you’re using a wired headset. Your head is connected to the radio, increasing the risk of injury to yourself.

Radio Hand Warmer:

Here’s a useful tip for those cold winter months… Overcharge your radio to warm up the battery. Hey presto you’ve got a really useful, hand warmer. Almost like it was designed to fit snugly into the hand!
Top tip: As your radio starts cooling down, simply hold down the transmit button for ten to fifteen minutes. That should warm it up nicely!

You’ll need access to more than one radio for the following…


Radio Juggling Prop:Radio Juggling

This is really only for the more dexterous among us. For most people, juggling just one radio is probably the limit. (This activity can be seen during quiet periods in shopping centres, when security guards are bored).
Top Tip: Initially aim to spin the radio only once in the air when you first start. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Radio Sound Effects:

Many simple minds have had hours of fun by transmitting on one radio, whilst listening to themselves on a radio in the other hand. This creates “ring round”. (Whistles and echo effects, which can be manipulated by moving the radios).
Top Tip: If you use new “digital” radios, due to the delay, some of these effects can be awesome!

Throwing Your Voice:

For this to work, you need somebody quite naive. Hide one radio somewhere in the house, then use another radio to call your victim’s name. Watch the bemused look on their face, wondering how you’ve managed to get inside the sofa, the kitchen cabinet or even the washing machine!
Top Tip: It helps a lot if your victim is drunk.

And finally…

Strictly speaking this isn’t an alternative use for your radio, just for the antenna.Radio Handle
If you just cant find a comfortable way to carry your radio, don’t forget it has a useful, built in handle… As long as you haven’t broken it while juggling!

For all the above activities, just purchase your two way radios from Radphone.

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