Radphone have Supplied Two Way Radios since1975.

The company was started by an ex PYE telecom engineer in a small barn just outside the village of North Newbald and have gone from strength to strength.

Two way radio technology has changed dramatically over the years.

Two Way Radio equipment used to be extremely heavy and was usually mounted in the boot of a car because of it’s size. Now it is carried in the hand and functionality has multiplied several hundred fold.

Radphone strive to offer the latest up to date technology without confusing the end user with jargon and implementing bells and whistles, which never get used.

When Mobile Phones were introduced, Radphone became one of the first retailers in Hull as a Vodafone dealer.

I remember that Vodafone had to install a new base station, because the mobiles wouldn’t work inside the shop!

Around the turn of the millenium, remote vehicle tracking became a viable proposition and Radphone quickly incorporated this new technology into their portfolio of services.
Radphone have supplied and fitted vehicle tracking systems for several major blue chip customers.