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Shop Watch Two Way Radios

Shop Watch Systems.Shop Watch System

Chain-stores can sometimes make the whole shopping experience feel like “Hmm… It’s all the same!”
Yet, despite these “cloned” stores, every Shopping centre or area is unique, they all have different problems and challenges. They all need a Shop Watch.

Retail Losses.

The British Retail Consortium carried out a Retail Crime Survey in February 2017. The results indicate that retail crime has directly cost business £660m, with the most common crime being customer theft.

The Association of Convenience Stores say that in 2016, crime cost convenience stores an average of over £4,600 a store. LINK

These are simple measurable direct losses.

With the increasing trend for online shopping, the High Street is now under more pressure than ever before to minimise loss.

As well as those already mentioned, there are other indirect losses to retail businesses, which need to be considered.
Anything that deters shoppers should be regarded as indirect losses.

Indirect losses are difficult to quantify, but some examples could be…

  • Begging.
  • Pickpockets.
  • The fear of crime.
  • Anti social behaviour.
  • On street alcohol consumption.
  • Stress related absence by retail workers.


A Radio Shop watch can be the answer to many of the above problems.

  • Deter known shoplifters, thieves and other criminals.
  • Use Two Way Radios to keep in touch with other traders.
  • Instantly send advance warnings about ongoing criminal activity.

Many high street locations have existing CCTV networks. Two Way Radio systems can also have direct links to CCTV control rooms. This allow requests for cameras to be targeted when problems arise.

This all sounds wonderful, however…

A shop watch needs effective ongoing management.

Shop watches

Sadly, Radphone has seen a number of shop watch radio systems fall into disuse due to lack of management, and / or unrealistic expectations.

Shop watch initiatives are often organised and set up by a small group of business owners and / or a local PCSO.

Interest from local businesses is sought, the funding is raised and a radio system is installed.
But, as we sometimes see happen, the business owners, or the PCSO move on. If nobody steps in, the management disappears… along with the Shop watch radio system.

We’ve even experienced a situation when a Shop watch Radio system has been implemented, resulting in significant reductions in retail crime.
Bizarrely, the Shop watch discontinued because, “there’s no longer a crime problem”.
Unsurprisingly, shoplifting and other crimes were soon back on the rise.
Criminals learn very quickly when there’s no radio comms and no deterrent.
If a Shop watch scheme works effectively, it needs to continue.

Ongoing costs.Hytera PD56X Digital Two Way Radio

Another problem we come across is end users not appreciating the ongoing costs of a radio system.
As well as the obvious initial set up cost of the system, there are annual licence fees, replacement batteries, general repairs and maintenance costs which all need to be budgeted for.
Radphone have seen systems implemented, which then fall into disuse after the initial warranty period, because users are reluctant to pay for replacement batteries, earpieces or repairs.

It can be straightforward to fund these ongoing costs with a nominal membership fee from all radio users.
Again, this relies on somebody doing the administration.

As an alternative, renting the radio system, or taking out a fixed price maintenance agreement would cover regular maintenance costs.

Radphone can administer your Shop watch scheme, collecting payments, updating radio licences, arranging repairs or faulty exchanges and we can also offer maintenance agreements… Contact us for more information.

Instant radio communication can:

  • Reduce Crime
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Health & Safety
  • Increase Staff Confidence


Enhanced Functions Available:

  • Caller ID
  • Panic Button
  • Event Logging And Recording


What Radphone Can Offer:

  • Long And Short Term Hire
  • Fixed Cost Maintenance Agreement
  • Help With Ofcom Licence Application


Use a Two Way Radio Shop watch scheme to reduce your losses.

Contact us for help and advice.

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