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New Updated Free Two way Radio Guide.

Radphone have just published their updated Free Guide to Two Way Radio.

Your free guide is available HERE.

The first edition of our guide, released in 2013 was very well received.

Our free two way radio guide provides information and advice about:

  • Radio Waves and FrequencyHytera PD5 digital radio
  • IP & Intrinsically Safe Radios
  • Digital Radios
  • Repeaters
  • Antennas
  • Licensing
  • Batteries

The aim of theguide is to offer helpful, clear information to business users about choices they have to make about their radio communications, and to offer any support they need.

The guide has now been updated to include an expanded section on Digital Two Way Radios.

Radphone MD, Mike O’Rourke, says:

“A common message we hear from clients is how difficult it is to get understandable information… Radphone want to help people know what their options are when it comes to Two Way Radio.”

“We like to think our guide is helpful, because we’ve reduced the technobabble to a minimum and kept things as basic as possible.”

“We know how important it is for prospective clients to have an understanding of radio communications while searching for a solution. We wrote the guide to be more than just a technical reference and tried to answer the questions people regularly ask.”

A recent message from a reader says it all:

“I read the first version some months back after visiting your website, when I was first looking into PMR/DMR and that first version, followed by the updated revision you have just made available, constitute an excellent, very informative and easy-reading guide, especially for noobies.
I have found all your information very helpful – thank you for taking the time to write up and for sharing.”

John Cochrane


We hope this updated guide will help even more people to be confident with their understanding of Two Way Radio and what their options are, it contains understandable info and some excellent tips.

Get your copy now… Free!

Just click the button below.

Free guide to two way radio

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