ATEX Intrinsically Safe Radios

dp4400ex ATEX two way radio
Motorola DP Ex

Atex or Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios are specifically designed and manufactured for use in hazardous locations such as mines and other potentially explosive dust, vapour or gas laden atmospheres.

They need to meet very stringent safety requirements.

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Health and SafetyExecutive

You can imagine that any electronic equipment has the potential to generate sparks or hot spots which have the potential to ignite a dusty or explosive atmosphere.

Something to keep in mind is the use of accessories. Only manufacturer approved accessories should be used. Something as innocuous as a simple carry case can render the ATEX safety features meaningless.

How Do I Know If My Radio Is ATEX?

Entel DT Ex

One clue is that Atex radios tend to have distinctive coloured housings, but all ATEX approved Two Way Radios (and batteries) are properly labelled.

The main give away you should look for is this logo.

There will also be a label which specifies the various details of certification or approval.

Something along these lines…

ATEX label

This label is actually the official legal certificate, so if you are challenged and asked for certification paperwork, just point out the label on the radio, or indeed, the battery.

It also follows that these labels should not be covered, defaced damaged or removed.

Even if your radios continue to work, any serious physical damage to radios, batteries or accessories means the equipment should be removed for investigation and/or recertification by the manufacturer.

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