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Specialists in Two Way Radio, Vehicle Tracking and hands free car kits.

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Two Way Radios… Radphone’s speciality.

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Tel: 01482 228725

Flexible, reliable radio communications help to stay ahead of your competitors.
Radphone has many years’ experience of two way radios in the UK, having supplied radio communication solutions to businesses across the North of England since 1975.

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Portable radios, vehicle radios and base stations can all be supplied, installed and maintained.

Vehicle Tracking, Personnel Tracking and Asset Tracking.

Radphone have also supplied tracking systems  for a number of years and we can give advice on appropriate solutions.

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2 Way Radios

2 way radios have low running costs and no call charges. This makes them one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with staff and vehicle fleets on the move. From local on-site, short-range business radio systems to full regional coverage, our two way radio systems can provide both voice and data communications.

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Vehicle Tracking

Live web based vehicle tracking and fleet management systems give you instant visibility and control of your mobile workforce.

These systems create fleet management information along with the vehicle tracking information.Read on

Two Way Radio Short Term Hire

If you have a short-term need for a two way radio system or you wish to temporarily increase your existing capacity, most systems are available on short term hire. Please ask us for details.

Push To Talk

PTT works by sending IP packets over the GSM network rather than setting up a traditional phone call. This means that the cost of a call is based on time spent actually speaking (the number of data packets transmitted) rather than the elapsed duration of the conversation.

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